Hoosier basketball frustrates beyond belief

How frustrating it is watching Hoosier basketball these days. The defense is non-existent and the offense is inept and ugly. Coaching is what it is and the Hoosiers are not winning. In other words, Hoosier basketball lacks every trademark of what I expect to see from an Indiana University basketball team and it is UGLY. I am so sick of watching opposing players drive all the way to the basket and score. The Hoosiers struggle to stay in front of their man and no one ever slides over to protect the lane. I am tired of seeing sloppy offensive turnovers and offensive sets that are ineffective and lack imagination. The shooting has also been very poor of late. This team has major problems and has no shot of making the NCAA Tourney without winning the Big Ten Tournament.

I don’t want to hear excuses about injuries, youthful inexperience, or lack of leadership. Good basketball teams overcome adversity with players and coaching stepping up. There will always be times when shots are not falling. That is a time to play harder on defense and attack the boards. The Hoosiers are not doing that. It is hard for me to recognize any resemblance of a sound fundamental basketball team that I want to watch and cheer for. This team looks more like a team of individual play, and lack there of, than it does anything else right now.


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