#FireTomCrean trends on Twitter as IU fans vent frustration

The Hoosiers lose again to Wisconsin under Tom Crean.  Since Tom Crean got to Indiana, Wisconsin now owns a 16-2 all-time record vs. the Hoosiers. That is the reason it may be time to make a coaching change at IU. Crean’s record vs. the Badgers is pathetic. It shows the difference between a good system and the lack there of.  Enough said.

I appreciate everything Coach Crean has accomplished with IU basketball, but the program just seems to be lacking that “something special”. I have been a supporter of Coach Crean from day one, but the losing stat against Wisconsin alone is troubling. Yes I know the Hoosiers have won 2 Big 10 titles in 4 years, but is that enough? Where is the fundamental program consistency? Besides losing to the Badgers, what is the trademark of the Hoosiers under Coach Crean? Seems to be play fast, shoot a lot of 3’s, and struggle with offensive sets against good defense. Hoosier fans have seen this script play out enough to know they don’t like what they see.

The potential problem Fred Glass is faced with, besides angry alumni, is what coach out there can take IU back to the consistent winning prominence of deep tourney runs, Final Fours, and a National Championship? Is Tom Crean that guy? I honestly thought he was and now I am just not so sure.  I also know I don’t want to see a coaching change for the sake of change. Big 10 titles are great, but that just isn’t enough. Hoosier fans want deep tourney runs and more! Many want a new coach, but I have no idea of who that guy might be. I don’t see Brad Stevens leaving Boston anytime soon.







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